Policies and Warranties

Medical Insurance and Vision Plan Coverage

Rothbloom Eye Care is a participating provider for most Medical Insurances and Vision Plans including Medicare. Vision plans (ie, VSP, EyeMed …) cover only a routine eye examination to determine your eyeglass prescription and an ocular health assessment. They may also cover a portion towards glasses or contacts. Your medical insurance would be used to cover office visits for medically related eye issues such as cataracts, glaucoma, diabetic eye conditions, eye infections and other eye issues.

Our office will be happy to tell you in advance if we accept your plan and determine eligibility once you have provided us with the correct vision plan or medical insurance, Unfortunately, we are only able to bill these plans for covered services and accept payment directly from them if we are informed of this coverage at the time of the initial exam or optical order. Patients with non-participating Insurance plans are expected to pay professional fees at the time of service, and may file their own claim for reimbursement. We will be glad to quote any fee prior to a procedure if requested, but understand that certain procedures can only be determined once the doctor has seen the patient. We will try and provide the most accurate quote possible based on the information we are given. It is the patients’ responsibility to verify insurance coverage before proceeding with services.

Remember: Insurance coverage information obtained by Rothbloom Eye Care is never a guarantee of payment. Payment is strictly based on the contract between you and the insurance company.

Medicare: Medicare will customarily forward the deductible, co-insurance, and co-payment portion of a claim directly to a patient’s secondary insurance as a courtesy, and we will accept that payment. However, if the claim is denied by the secondary insurer, it will be transferred back to the patient’s personal account and prompt payment is expected. Unfortunately, we cannot resubmit a claim to a secondary private insurance plan, However, patients may contact their insurance company directly if an error is suspected.

Eyeglass and Contact Lens Return Policy

Professional fees, such as exam fees or contact lens fitting fees, represent payments for services that were rendered even if not successful. These fees are non-refundable. Eyeglass lenses are custom made devices and are not refundable, but we will be happy to correct any problems you may experience, See the section below on Doctor’s Rx changes for more information.

Returned low vision aids must have the original packaging and will be assessed a 20% restocking fee.

Doctor’s Rx changes:
For prescriptions by doctors at Rothbloom Eye Care: An office visit to recheck the prescription will be provided and new lenses if needed will be made at no charge within 30 days of dispensing. Re-check visits after 30 days will be charged the usual fee for a brief exam.

If a Rothbloom Eye Care prescription is filled elsewhere: and an Rx change is needed, we will not be responsible for any charges incurred. Most reputable optical dispensaries allow doctor Rx changes at no charge, but it is up to the patient to inquire about such policies in advance of purchase.

For prescriptions written by other doctors: Eyeglass lenses will be re-made one time at no charge if the prescribing doctor provides a new prescription in writing within 30 days of dispensing. An Rx change after one free remake or after 30 days will be charged the usual lens price.

Progressive Lens non-adapt:

All progressive addition lenses (also called invisible or no-line multifocals) have a slight optical distortion in the outer portions of the lens which can make some objects appear bowed or curved, or can cause a feeling of motion when the head is turned. The reading zone of progressive lenses is wide enough for most purposes, but it may be narrower than other bifocal styles. While most people are not bothered by these characteristics, some will find it unacceptable even after a 1 to 2 week adaption period. If you cannot adapt to progressive addition lenses, we will make new lenses in any other design that you wish, within 30 days of dispensing, at no charge. Since the original lenses were a custom prescription item, there are no refunds of the difference in cost if the re-made pair is of a lesser value.

Frame and Lens Warranty Policy:

All frames purchased at the office of Rothbloom Eye Care have a one-time one year manufacturers defect replacement warranty. Frames that are mistreated, used or abused In a way not consistent with normal wear and tear will not be covered under the manufacturer’s replacement warranty. There will be a $25.00 handling fee to cover the cost of shipping, lens insertion and frame adjustment on any frame replaced under the manufactures warranty program.

Lenses that are made from polycarbonate or high index materials, have a scratch coat and/or an anti-glare coat or lenses made with transitions changeable tint may be remade one-time under the scratch warranty within 6 months of purchase. Lenses that are mistreated, used or abused in a way not consistent with normal wear and tear will not be covered under the manufacturer’s replacement warranty.

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